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Nansenparken Nansenparken Nansenparken Nansenparken Nansenparken Nansenparken


Nansenparken – Fornebu

Transformasjon av tidligere flyplassareal til frodig park.
1. premie i 2004 ga oss prosjekteringen av Nansenparken, en 200 da stor park i hjertet av den nye Fornebu-utbyggingen. Vann er det bærende element med en stor ny dam og tilstøtende festplass som midtpunkt. Parken har økologisk profil med omfattende etablering av stedegen vegetasjon og overflatebasert overvannshåndtering.

  • Adresse: Fornebu, Bærum
    Byggherre: Statsbygg
    Landskapsarkitekt: Bjørbekk & Lindheim
    Hovedkonsulent: Norconsult
    Vannkonsulent: Atelier Dreiseitl
    Anleggsgartner: Steen & Lund
    Areal: 200 daa
    Ferdigstilt: 2008
    Priser: Bærum kommunes arkitekturpris – 2013 Den Europeiske byplanprisen – European Council of Spacial Planners – tildelt Bærum kommune– 2014

  • Les omtale av prosjektet:

  • Previous state
    An old cultivated landscape with much variation and beauty was levelled into Oslo’s international airport in the 1940 – 60’s. In 1998, the airport was moved and left behind it a peninsula in the Oslo fjord, of almost 1000 acres in need of transformation.

    Aim of intervention
    The moving of the Oslo International Airport at Fornebu resulted in the largest industrial reclamation project in the country. The new park was to form a functional focus and an identifying centrepiece of a new community some 10 kilometres from downtown Oslo.

    In order to respond to its dramatic history, the park has been designed as a dynamic dialogue between the uncompromising linearity of the airport and the softer, more organic forms of the original landscape. The former terminal building and control tower is the starting point for the water feature that stretches north-south through the park. The design of the waterway reflects the playful variations between straight and organic, still reflecting pool surfaces, streaming or falling water.
    The plaza, a multipurpose floor with large slabs of stone, and moveable water elements that invite children to manipulate the water streams. A large amphitheatre endorses different kinds of performances, as well as quiet reflection.
    The seven green “arms”, widths varying from 30 to 100 meters, enable people to move easily in the green throughout Fornebu. The “arms” consist of meeting-places and activity areas.

    Environmental profile
    A strong ecological profile forms the foundation of the whole transformation process.
    Polluted grounds and materials have been cleaned, retrieved and reused in order to transform the flat airport area into a landscape with different spatial qualities.